I'm always thinking about my past and my former dreams these days.

I can still remember when I was very young, I started to show my great interest of astronomy.At that period,the blue sky,the moon,the endless universe was so attractive to me that many amazing ideas and thoughts frequently appeared in my head . The biggest dream in my childhood was to be an astronomer.

As the time goes by,I grows up increasingly ,but the dream of my childhood was still remembered and I worked hard to realize my dream.My best subject in my learning of junior and senior school was Physics that I could always get very high marks which also firmed my faith to become a astronomer.

It seems that God doesn't want to always bless me. I didn't do well in College Entrance Examination[So called China's best killer of Chinese students].My dream was broken at that time that I had no access to Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. "You does no business with astronomer,Alex!"I said to myself.Finally,I went to learn in Nanjing University of Post and Telecommunication.

Is the post&Tele is really suitable for me? I'm asking myself these days.I am at sea now that I don't even know what I can really do and what is my direction.

But Luckily, I have met with many good friends in my College .I appreciate them very much, at least,they learn their favorite and they are so successful in their filed.

Especially,I want to show my thanks to some good friends.They are George Ran Ren,Beetle,Jerry Xu and Zhao zhen dong.Thank you for your kindness and helpfulness to me.Without you I can't set my confidence in my first term of College.

Now that I choose NJUPT and Information Project.I will try my best to do well in it.I will surely see my success, I believe!
New term will begin,let's hurry!

Last modification:February 10, 2020
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