Yesterday,I have finished the last test of final examination~~OK~~the first term of my college goes over!How exciting!I'll be back tmorrow~~hoho, Nantong ,I am coming! This holiday, I'll have 38 days to rest , a very long vocation compared to that was in my senior school.

To be honest,I don't do well in this term.At very beginning,I had made up my mind to work very hard for purpose to get high mark ang GPA~~But maybe something has changed me~~I didn't use too much time learning as I wished,instead I have a try of many new and exciting things and projects.I have tried to use linux os[ubuntu]~~also I began to show my great interest to hardware such as MCU,ARM and so on.

Too many things,too many adventures are filled in this term.It's my new life,also a begin of my really growing to who I am.I hope I can adapt myself to the new learning environment and make my college life more interesting and meaningful!

Great winter holiday starts now~~~hehe~~I believe it will be a wonderful holiday for me~~~I'll learn more what I interested in~~~

Next term,you will surely see a different Alex!!

At last I wish all the readers of my blog will spend a very meaningful and exciting Spring Festival,we all will be better and more lucky in the year 2007!

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