Once I heard many people say《The Myth》is an excellent film.Lacking of time ,I didn't go to see it.

Just a few days before. I luckily saw the film which I was thirsty to enjoy for a long time on my MP4.

I was really moved by the film.Yeah~~~really a wonderful film~~a beautiful story.protagonists JACKIE CHAN and KimHeeSun present a very moving love to me that I even addicted myself to the beautiful story~~~and It seems that I nearly can't pull myself out of the film .

I was always searching for a love that can last forever and always want to find a love that is really deep in our heart that no one,no thing will change it.I believed that one day it can be found by myself.It's my dream.

《The myth》shows me what I am searching for~~~the love , the forever love,the love through out a thousand years~~~~KimHeesun was so elegant and beautiful in the film that attracted me so much.She was a princess of elegance . She love the aga,she contrubute all her love to him.She made a promise that she will wait for the aga even for a thousand year before the aga went to the battlefiled...

I am so excited to see the film and full of hope for the future, for the love.I am now waiting for my love .I believe I can~~I believe I will find!!


我突然喜欢上了影片中的金喜善,很美丽,很优雅~~~正是我梦中完美恋人的形象。这是一种怎样坚定,绵长的爱情,亘古不变!这是多么幸福浪漫的恋人,即使千年以后他们都在今生来世的轮回中邂逅,他们任然能够再冥冥中相识,他们诚守这千年的誓言,一个一等千年,一个转世相认,这是多么感人心 弦的浪漫。


Last modification:March 6, 2020
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